Some of the easiest ways to get your exercise is to hide it within other pleasant or regular activities. For example, a walk in the park with friends may be a fun activities that incorporates exercise. Common ways to get more exercise within the course of daily life are to take the stairs rather than the elevator or to park farther away from your destination and so walk a little more. Ways to make exercise pleasanter are to watch TV while on a treadmill, while playing music or to exercise in a pleasant environment, like on a beach.

Dance. Play a dance game. Play a sport.

While you're doing something else...

  • march in place while brushing your teeth
  • tap your toes while sitting
  • stretch while waking up
  • park a little farther away than you must (or get off the bus or subway a stop early)
  • do step exercises, treadmill or ride exercise bicycle while watching tv
  • stand or pace instead of sitting while talking on the phone
  • flex abs or squeeze gluts while waiting in line or even sitting in the car
  • take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • if contacting someone in the same building or complex, walk over instead of calling or emailing
  • walk up or down steps instead of taking an elevator. (Be careful if you have knee problems.)
  • if you watch TV, consider the commercials "exercise breaks". March in place, use some weights and do a few arm curls
    Other options: knee lifts, windmills.
    (If you don't have weights, take some water bottles and fill them with some water. As your arms get stronger, add more water.)
  • put on some music and dance for a few minutes
  • while you're waiting in line, suck in your tummy (belly button to your spine), stand up straight and tuck in your tailbone
  • pace back and forth while on the phone

Also see fun exercise.

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