Ideas for rewards we can give ourselves or other when we do something good or bribes to motivate. Since some categories of rewards can be counterproductive (like candy for weight loss), and what motivates one person may be of no value to another, here are a variety of ideas.

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  • art gallery
  • museum
  • park
  • shopping mall (not good for someone with spending or clutter problems)
  • a friend


  • see a movie (theatre or rent)
  • go to see talent night at a local bar or pub
  • go to see a comedy act or rent a tape or record of a comedy act
  • work a puzzle
  • humor - get a joke book and learn a joke you can tell or visit a comic Web site

Books or CDsEdit

  • buy or rent a book or CD (renting may be better for people who collect too much stuff)
  • get a motivational book or CD to re-inforce the behavior and take it a step better
  • listen to a favorite music CD
  • go to the library -- borrow books, movies or music -- go to a free talk

Something NewEdit

  • a picture
  • new "toy" (e.g., game)
  • replace something old that a clean-up, sort-out has identified

Food TreatsEdit

  • dinner out
  • wine
  • chocolate
  • invite friends over for a meal


Allow yourself some time to do something special...

  • meditate
  • take a walk
  • plant something (this will provide a long-term reward too)
  • play some music or sing a song
  • bake something

Physical RelaxationEdit

  • massage
  • bubble bath
  • manicure or pedicure
  • use a masque or moisturing creme to sooth skin

Sensory TreatsEdit

  • incense or candles
  • flowers
  • music - radio, tape, CD, etc.
  • herbal oils (essential oils)
  • soothing creme
  • dance, maybe in the woods
  • if it's your thing, run, in the rain, wind, snow or heat, in cities or wilderness


  • travel
  • take a class or learn how to do something new that you've been wanting to be able to do
  • visit an amusement park


  • play a board game
  • fill in a crossword puzzle
  • sports
  • an active game like Dance Mania or Twister


  • think about what you did well -- even write it down and post it -- appreciate your accomplishments
  • volunteer
  • smile (or even giggle)
  • throw a party

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